Wednesday, January 11, 2006

You don't see that every day

I was coming home from the dentist in the pouring rain. I went to turn down the side street to get into my neighborhood and I saw this big, blue garbage truck coming my way. It was looking kind of wobbly so I pulled over as much as I could on the 2 lane street. Then the front passenger wheel went off the pavement and it started sliding. It got going a little faster and next thing I knew it turned right over and slid down the embankment! It was like a big blue elephant falling down a muddy hill. I turned on my hazards and grabbed my phone and dialed 911 while I was running over to the truck. This van stopped and a man jumped out and sprung like spiderman with the greatest of ease up the side of the truck. He opened the door to the cab and while he was helping the two workers out I was yelling "Are you ok? Need an ambulance?" while talking to 911. Both the men were fine and once they got to the ground safely, Spiderman hopped back down from the truck, jumped in his van and sped away, presumably to save more lives.

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