Saturday, January 07, 2006

Rocket man

We spent the day today over at Marc & Sara's. Jon helped Marc install a ceiling fan in their master bedroom while I played with our nephews and watched movies with Sara. Joey is trying so hard to walk. He gets so excited after the first couple of steps though and falls down. So cute. Jake is turning in to such a little ham. He'll run over and grab my camera and give it to me saying "Cheese Shanny!" meaning he wants his picture taken. I'll snap a photo and he'll want to immediately preview it on the camera screen. These kids will probably never know what its like to be photographed by an old fashioned film camera that requires at least an hour to develop! While we were there Jake and Joey showed us their new toys Santa brought them. They got a fabulous play tent and a karaoke machine. Jake loves singing Hey Ya! and demonstrated that the best place to sing was the tent.
When it got dark Jake showed us how the light we gave him for Christmas looks in his room. He has a space themed room so this light was perfect. I was so pleased how great it looks and how it shoots stars and planets and moons all over the room! I know this may be an overload of little boy cuteness, but I can't help it- I'm a proud aunt! Oh and it is just so cute to see how Jon is bonding with the boys. Jake wants to go wherever Unca Jon is and they give each other five all the time. So sweet!

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