Thursday, January 26, 2006

See more of Seymour

I'm alive! First of all let me say I love my doctor. He's so laid back and has a great sense of humor. The whole time he was hacking into me like a flank steak he was telling us all about his travels in China. He spent 5 months there teaching English. So cool. Jon was in the room with me, but spent a good deal of time playing solitaire on the crackberry so he wouldn't pass out. So Dr. numbed me up on the side and gave it a few minutes to sink in. Then he cut a little piece of skin away and cut Seymour out whole. So it looks like an iceburg. You see a little floating on top, but there's a WHOLE lot more underneath. I could feel him pulling and tugging me, Jon said it was like watching a butcher at work. No hair or teeth in Seymour- just a bunch of chicken fat and red stuff. It wasn't a cyst, Dr. said a cyst is like a pimple on the inside, he said mine was a lipoma. Round or oval lumps under the skin caused by fatty deposits. Lipomas are more common in women and tend to appear on the forearms, torso, and back of the neck. Lipomas are generally harmless, but if the lipoma changes shape, your physician may perform a biopsy. Treatment may include removal by surgery.
Ok so now for the gross show and tell portion of our program. Just in case I have readers who aren't as morbidly fascinated by this stuff as I am I've concealed the pictures by linking to them instead of just displaying them.
This is Seymour in his jar.
This is a top view.
This is my war wound.
Jon has been so great, so worried. He's changing my bandages for me (I can't see them unless I look in the mirror since it's hidden by my boob). He called a million times last night to check on me from work. Shannon has been awesome too. She brought dinner over and noticed right away that I had bled through my shirt (again boob blockage, didn't even see it). She changed my bandage and checked it every few minutes for bleeding. I called the dr's office and they said if I bled through another bandage to go to the ER. She stayed with me til just before Jon got home to make sure I was ok. That girl is good in a crisis!
And so, there it is, the saga of Seymour.

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