Saturday, January 21, 2006

Fun with MIL & FIL

I spent this afternoon with my inlaws helping them upgrade their cell phones. Their phones were so old they only had those tiny little blue screens that showed the phone number. The abacus of cell phones if you will. Anyway, we went to the cell phone store and after some back and forth with Josh the charming cell phone man and over 3 hours of explaining features they left with 2 new phones. I spent the car ride home programming speed dials and ring tones.

Then I met up with Shannon. We went to Hobby Lobby to check it out. We don't have one on our side of town yet, but I had a gift card I needed to spend. Man, that place is ginormous! We got there an hour before closing and even with cruising the aisles at a quick pace we still didn't have time to see everything we wanted to see. We'll have to go back when we have aa free day to properly explore. I did find some Spiderman fleece to make a blanket for my nephew Jake. He loves Spiderman with a passion. It's so cute, especially since this is his first big love. Thank goodness he didn't fall for some singing lizard or anything. After Hobby Lobby we stopped by St*rbucks to get a caffiene fix then saw Fun with Dick and Jane. Cute and funnier than I expected. I would be such a terrible robber. I just don't think I'm cut out for a life of crime. And I wouldn't last a day in prison.

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