Friday, January 27, 2006

Sexy beeyotches

Y'all are so sweet! Thank you for all the sweet comments, words of encouragement and get betters. I thought it was extra sweet some of you thought I was having a good hair day. Funny, cause that was the day before my hair appointment. I should have waited an extra day to get cut into and y'all would have been blown away by my hotness.
**Seymour update: I'm all bruised around my stitches now. My middle feels so much better. I don't feel like I've been kicked by a mule anymore. But getting in and out of a car is still a pain, as is bending over. Oh, and it's really fun when one of the pugs jumps on my belly. I've only needed to take a couple of the pain pills my dr. prescribed so that's good. Changing the bandages is a bit of a chore since my skin has become raw where the sticky part of the bandaid sticks. My dr and other people have commented on how calm we are and how we've kept up a good sense of humor through this. Jon and I were talking about it. We've been through so much with me medically in the last few years that losing Seymour is nothing compared. Since we've been married I've had gum surgery, my tonsils and adnoids taken out, lost a fallopian tube when it twisted and became engorged (another surgery), a couple of d&c's. and a couple of burst ovarian cysts. You just gotta take it all in stride. Oh and here is a picture of Seymour next to a quarter. He has shrunk a good bit since he first came out, but it still gives you a general idea.
So, yesterday Shannon and I went and had our hair done. Here is Shannon's before: Here is her "during": Scroll down for my before- the one of me in my lovely hospital gown. Here is my "during": We forgot to take "afters" so I'll take care of that tomorrow while we're at Susan's baby shower. But we must look at least semi fabulous because our hair lady told us we were sexy beeyotches when she was finished with us. Of course, she was being paid. Hmmmm...

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