Thursday, January 05, 2006

Re-fi, so dry

In an attempt to fund this adoption, Jon and I are refinancing the house. It seems that quite a few houses on our street are selling for way more than we paid, so we're hoping the house will appraise high and we can get enough cash out to pay the adoption bills. Plus, we'll be able to eliminate PMI and lower our mortgage payment. Cross your fingers for us.

In other news, it is terribly dry around here. I feel like my skin is going to crack open and fall off. To combat the bloody nose I've been waking up with, we've ordered a humidifier. It should be reaching me soon. Please hurry, delivery man, I've turned into such a mouth breather at night since I can't breathe through my nose! Pretty!

**Humidifier has arrived and it is so wonderful to wake up breathing through my nose! This thing is awesome! I got it via a friend's recommendation from Amazon. Click here for details.

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