Wednesday, January 18, 2006


I have some questions.
1. Why does the UPS man lie to me? He leaves a note saying he'll be here between 2-5 today so I made sure I was here too. He came at 11. Is the taunting necessary?
2. Why do they insist on calling them "Boneless Wings"? People, they are CHICKEN STRIPS. I can guarantee you none of the meat in those "wings" was ever even close to the flight providing limbs.
3. How is it that I can watch LOST and totally miss the clues? I had to watch the smoke scene from last week in slow mo to catch that there was anything other than lightning in the smoke. I swear they need to send out a guidebook for each episode. While we're on that subject, why hasn't anyone moved into the hatch? Dude, if you showed me a place with a shower, bed, radio, food, and electricity I'd never even bother to go back to my little beach hut made out of leaves and sticks with a bed made of sand. And why are the men all scruffy but the women look great? Is there a Banana Republic on the island that the women are keeping secret?

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