Friday, January 06, 2006

Techno shoppers

We went to Atlanta today for yet another IKEA trip. We had ill fitting roman shades to return and a list a mile long from friends and family to fill. Jon loved the travellator (sort of a cross between escalator and people mover that locks in your buggy as you go downstairs to the parking deck). I swear, how did we all function before technology? We used Google Local on my phone to get us there (as we all know I'm directionally challenged). While at the store we checked in via mobile phone (Jon to his mom) and BlackBerry email (me to Shannon) --I have it for work, I'm not that fancy. It's a total tax write off, but I'll admit it is very cool. And I got mine for only $49, and work is paying for that. My adoption budget would surely not let me be this stylin.-- So in less than 5 minutes we both knew to increase our orders due to IKEA's fabulous prices and selection. Our purchases for ourselves were few, but we did get a nice replacement light for our kitchen. Here's Jon and his dad taking down the old boxy flourescent light: And here's the new non-flourescent, much more modern light. While at IKEA we also looked at the crib and dresser and toy chest and changing table we want for our girls. I picked out window sheers and we looked at bedding. None of these things will be purchased for months and months of course, but it was sure fun to dream!

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