Friday, July 21, 2006

All Croc'd Up

I was walking through the mall yesterday, the first time in ages, and spotted the Crocs display in Journeys. But there were a couple of weird looking shoes mixed in. I walked up to the display and picked up the shoes that I thought were not Crocs and to my delight they were new styles! Mary Janes!
and Ballet Flats! So cute! I tried both styles. The ballet flats, while adorable and comfortable, made my feet look like someone hacked off my toes. I fell in LOVE with the Mary Janes. Visions of brown MJ's with khakis in the fall, and black MJ's with black capris or a cute skirt. Sigh. Both styles are made exclusively for Journeys, so you have to go there to get them, or on their website. Let me tell you, ever since my first pair of Crocs were purchased in April I have literally not worn anything else. Except when I have to dress up, those are the only things on my feet. A few weeks ago I wore a pair of dressier shoes out to lunch with my aunt and it felt like I was walking on bricks. I could not wait to get home and put my Crocs back on. My mom's the same way. I've not seen her in any shoes other than Crocs since April.

I also spotted the cutest little things- Croc jewelry! They are called Jibbitz and are little add ons for your Crocs. They snap into the holes. Now, I think they are ridiculously expensive and would not purchase unless found at a huge discount, but man are they cute. They have a ton of different designs including ladybugs. I love the idea of changing out your Croc jibbitz seasonally! Luckily my birthday is fast approaching and it is time for some major hint dropping!

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