Thursday, July 13, 2006

Potty Head

**Don't be scared! I removed the music from this blog. You know you gotta make some changes when your enhancements annoy you- the creator!**

I had planned on telling you a story or two about our Florida trip, but something happened today that I can't wait to share. Here's a teaser for tomorrow: picture this- a fat white guy with a shaved head, exposed failed hair transplant scars, exposed ass cause he can't keep his pants up, a wad of chaw in his lip tooling around his street on a motorized power chair -think scooter or hoveround- waving at traffic while wearing a tank top. Oh yeah.
Anyway, I met my sister and nephews out today and I went to get Jake out of his car seat. I opened the car door and saw this: click to enlarge Jake had put his practice potty chair on his head before he left the house. She was in a hurry and just let it ride. We got to our destination and I tried to get it off. No go. Sara tried, no go. We took the hard plastic part off and tried with the soft seat part. No go. Luckily for Jake it was 128 degrees yesterday in the 3rd level of hell where we live and he eventually worked up enough sweat that we could use for lube and got it off. You should have seen the looks we were getting from passersby!

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