Monday, July 17, 2006

Gotcha, Metcha, Whitcha?

So I was reading over at Karen's blog about Gotcha vs Metcha Day. And which is better and what to use. Forever Family was also discussed. I'm not a fan of Gotcha. Gotcha seems impersonal- like when I was in China I got a shirt, a magnet, and oh yeah, a child. And Metcha....hmmm. I don't want to step on toes, I know some people really like this term. But I think it falls short. Yes, that's the day we will meet. But that days means so much more than just a meeting. And it is too cutesy for me. Like it is trying to keep up with Gotcha. As for Forever Family...not a fan. We will be her family. We will remind her that we will be here forever for her. But I don't want her to think that her birth family thought of her as temporary. I have no idea what they thought of her and I have no plans on planting any ideas in Ling Ling's head.
So what will we use? Some of the people who commented over at Karen's had some good ideas. I like Homecoming day, Family Day, Adoption Day. All good. But I think my favorite so far is Their Name Day. Ling Ling Day. A day all about her. Or her and Mei Mei. Hey, I'm all for any holiday that you can have all to yourself! Heh. But I like that it focuses on what is important on that day- my daughter(s).
What do you think? What do/will you use and why?

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