Saturday, July 29, 2006

Attack of the Frankenpug

Molly can not be slowed down. You'd think she'd be all about taking it easy and chillin like Bob Dylan on the sofa, but no. She was bouncing on the bed and I was trying to get her to calm down so she wouldn't pop a staple and the girl head butted me right in the nose! It hurt! So Jon grabbed her and I was touching my nose when I felt something wet. That little stinker broke the skin! I was bleeding! She must have caught me with a tooth. So now I have a little cut on my nose and a big honking bandaid cause CSP Jon (that's Captain Safety Pants for you newbies) doesn't believe in a dainty little bandage and he fixed me up like I'd just lost a limb on the battlefield, yelling "Apply pressure! You're bleeding out!". Then he asked did I want to go to the grocery store with him. Wha?? Do you see me?? So he's flying solo at the grocery and Molly's strutting around like she just kicked ass in some Pug Biker bar. Don't let that sweet lil mug fool you- she's one tough chick!

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