Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Why don't you stay a while?

I know you're probably thinking "Man that was a short trip!". And it was. I would have stayed much longer but Joey was having a hard time with Sara gone and she wanted to get home. And since we traveled together it wasn't 100% up to me. We left Friday night at 7 and got home Monday night. I totally understand wanting to get home to your baby. Plus, we were only allowed to see Pappy for 10 minutes at a time. We saw him 4 times while we were there and said everything I wanted to say, so I feel good about our visit. I told him how much I love him and told him all of my favorite memories of him. Then today I got a call and found out that since our visit his appetite has greatly improved as well as his spirits. In fact, they are taking him off hospice! My dad is calling Sara, Jake and I angels. I wouldn't go that far. I mean, I am delightful, but I'm no healer. We did make sure to talk to him like he was well, not like a dying man. You know, saying things like "When you come up to the Carolinas we'll go here and there" and "We'll see you soon" instead of talking all doom and gloom. That news makes the whole trip totally worth it. I was already happy we went, but this news really sealed the deal.
While the reason for our trip was emotional and sad, our trip was actually very enjoyable (minus the crying in the bathroom so Pappy wouldn't hear me). We loved seeing everyone and we plan to go down again in a few months, hopefully with Joey so we can stay longer. Pictures and the fun stories will be posted soon! Thank you for all your kind words. It meant a lot to have the crackberry ding to tell me I had messages that were your sweet comments. (Haloscan now emails your comments to you). And yes, I cut the crackberry back on for the weekend trip. It will go back to being just a regular boring cell phone again this week.