Saturday, July 15, 2006

Day 2: Pappy, Paula & public poo

Sunday we awoke, had breakfast, got ready for our day and went to visit with Pappy again. Then we met up with my cousin C for lunch. After lunch she toured us through her new condo then we went to the skating rink. When my parents were first married they opened Skate World and ran it for 3 years until they moved back to the Carolinas. I learned to skate when I was 2. They attached wheels to a pair of my shoes since they didn't make skates that small. My parents sold the rink to my aunt and uncle (C's parents). My sister Sara and I spent just about every summer at that rink until we graduated from high school. When we turned 13 our uncle deemed us old enough to work the concession stand. I had my first kiss, my first serious
boyfriend, and experienced my first teenage love triangle at that rink. I remember laying on the skate floor watching the lights with my first love Billy and dreaming about our lives as adults. I digress. We were so excited to see the rink again. It looks great and brought back so many memories! And we were even more excited to see our Uncle A again. He scooped Jake up and toured him all through the rink loading him up with little gifts. Jake was mesmerized by the lights and loud music, and esp our Greek Uncle A's accent.
We left the rink and went back to visit Pappy again. At this point Sara had received numerous phone calls from her husband regarding Joey. That's when Sara decided we needed to head home. After Pappy we went back to my dad's for dinner.
We pulled up and there was a strange man in the driveway. Turns out he's our new step brother. N (35) was really nice and we all got along great! Our other brother was there as well. C (19) is my dad's son by his 2nd wife. C grew up in Florida so that's why you haven't heard too much about him. He's a great kid though and it was so good to see him. N teaches guitar and is lead guitar for a band. They are a funk band that plays the Hard Rock and House of Blues in Orlando a good bit. So of course we made him perform.
After dinner we said our goodbyes, hit the road, got lost a for a while, then finally found the highway. We made it as far as south Georgia and stopped at the same hotel for the night.
Monday morning we woke up, had breakfast, took a dip in the indoor pool, and got back on the road. We stopped in Savannah thinking we could have lunch at Paula Deen's restaurant Lady and Sons. Sara had been telling everyone all weekend we were having lunch with Paula Deen and just got blank stares. Apparently the Food Network isn't a family favorite in Florida! My Nanny even said "Oh is that one of your wee friends dear?" Lunch with Paula? Yeah right! We pulled up and there were a million people out front! We finally found a parking spot and hoofed it to the restaurant only to find out they were totally booked for lunch and the people waiting were waiting to get in line at 3:30 to wait some more on the off chance they could put their names down for dinner that night. Waiting to wait in line! With no guarantee of dinner! Now, the buffet looked amazing, but it was literally over 95 degrees! So we went around the corner to a little sandwich shop for lunch.
After we ate Jake had to go potty so we all went to the bathroom. The buildings in Savannah are just gorgeous with sky high ceilings and windows to match. The bathroom had a tall tall window too. Jake went potty and washed his hands while Sara was doing her business. This is when I decided I wanted to see what was on the other side of the mini blinds. I pulled them up a bit and it was a parking lot. With people. Looking at us! At Sara! On the pot! Yikes! So I tried to close the blinds but they wouldn't come down. They just kept going higher and higher! Sara tried to block the view with her diaper bag. Jake started begging for his pants to be put back on (the kid gets naked from the waist down in public restrooms for some reason) so I squatted down and was helping him while laughing so hard at Sara's plight. Well karma got me and now I had to "go". I figured I don't know any of those people and the parking lot had thinned out a bit so I took my chances. Sara decided she would wait in the restaurant. She swung open the giant door and Jake went into slow mo and took forever to exit. Here I'm exposed to the entire dining room! About this time a woman on a cell phone came around the corner and we locked eyes. She got an eye full of me with my skirt all hiked up taking care of business! She yelled "woo!", spun and high tailed it out of there! Then Jake started yelling "Hurry up Aunt Shanny! Is Aunt Shanny going poopoo?" for the whole world to hear!
We took this as a sign from the man upstairs to get the hell out of Savannah! Luckily the rest of our trip home was calm and smooth sailing! Click here to see my photos from our trip!

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