Saturday, July 22, 2006

They grow up so fast

My littlest sister Morgan is driving! She's 16 and has her permit. We went on the interstate last night and she did great! She was so nervous. When she found out she'd be on the highway she told me "Well, I have been up to 50." So cute.

My nephew Joey can't wait to hit the road too. He's 18 months old now and just goes a mile a minute. He has the strangest taste too. He loves lemons, salsa, and prefers salad over chicken fingers! And proof that kids pick up every word you say: my other newphew Jake (3 yrs) was talking on his "phone" the other day. "Hey. Yep. How're you doin?" Then Joey walked by making noise and Jake said "Shh! I'm on the phone!"

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