Wednesday, July 19, 2006


You guys are too sweet. I was telling you about burning my thumb cause of what Jon said. It's just a wee burn blister and is going away so I'm fine. You have to realize that I'm constantly bumping, falling, burning, cutting, scraping and if I reported on each incident I'm sure y'all would be really tired of consoling me! Now on to the latest...

I'm an inside girl. I've never been one to voluntarily get dirty or sweaty. I see no reason to camp if there's a hotel nearby. Now, I'll get messy- I'm all for playing on the slip and slide or what not, but a gardener, yard worker, hiker I am not. So today I was out with the pugs and decided to water some of the flowers in the backyard. I turned on the hose and took one step on the pine straw covered natural area and slid a good 3 feet falling promptly on my arse. Jon started laughing, esp cause I was wearing my no skid Crocs, and I started yelling for him to help me up! Then he told me the hose didn't stretch that far so I'd have to fill the watering can. So I did, but it was hanging on a hook and he wanted it filled while on the ground. In the process I accidentally squirted him and the pugs- that nozzle was tricky! That's when Jon, my dear, sweet, hard working, yard working, outside loving husband snapped. He shook his head and with spittle dribbling down his chin ordered me "Inside! Get inside! Go!" while laughing the entire time.
Hey, that's one way out of yard work!

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