Sunday, July 30, 2006

Loot & Tube Farts

My birthday is Thursday. Hooray for the birthday week! It will also be Deb's birthday so make sure to swing by and give her a happy birthday shout.
I've already gotten a couple of cutie presents. My mom found me this cute pink metallic passport cover and matching travel jewelry box from this cute store Z Gallerie. And CSP got me the black pair of Crocs Mary Janes. LOVE them. And him of course.

The other night he tested that love. I was asleep, hooked up to my CPAP machine. The machine pulls air in from the room and filters it then shoots it through the tube and up my nose at approximately 90 miles an hour. I had just drifted off when I heard a muffled noise then was nasally assaulted. This horrid stench traveled from my dear husband's ass, through the air, into my machine then swooshed at warp speed through the tube and into my nose. OMG I thought I was being gassed to death. And the worst part was I had to wait until the foul odor worked its way all the way through my machine. A fart cloud is much more difficult to get rid of when it is stuck in a tube vs. just floating around a room!

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