Tuesday, July 18, 2006

How I went old school and got burned

I was writing thank you and good to see you notes to my Florida peeps the other night when I burned my thumb. You see, I was sealing a letter with a wax monogram seal (that link will take you to some examples, I got mine from Michaels for way cheaper) and dripped some hot wax on my thumb. That hurt like a motha let me just tell you. But I couldn't do anything for a moment cause I was pressing our last name initial into the wax and didn't want to mess it up. So I spent the rest of the evening pressing my thumb into an ice cube wrapped in a kitchen towel. Jon came in the room and asked what happened. When I told him he said "Oh. Well, hey bar wench! I didn't realize we were stuck in the 1800's. Couldn't you just use a sticker?" Yes, yes I could. And I usually do. But the wax and the fire are so much more exciting. And what do bar wenches have to do with letter writing?? I now have a nice big blister on my thumb, which I popped much to Jon's chagrin. Now I'm not allowed to play with the aim n flame for a while. Damn my uncoordinated self!

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