Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Itchy, Sleepy, and Sparkly

Hello my prickly little petunias!
My mom's been trying so hard to overcome a recent bought with poison oak. Nasty stuff. I don't know how she hasn't just grabbed a carrot peeler and scraped the skin right off her legs!

Molly was so desperately trying to sleep in her sun spot the other day that she looked like she was in time out with her little head pressed against the entertainment center. Finally 2.62 lbs when she came home! She's growing so fast we often wonder if it hurts! Like do they get growing pains?
We had a low key 4th, just hanging out on our back deck enjoying the free fireworks shows put on by our neighbors who try and outdo each other every year. I swear they must spend hundreds of dollars at Big Daddy's Fireworks castle!

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