Friday, October 07, 2005

A tune in a bucket

Well, tropical storm Tammy won. She came ashore and beat up Wilmington pretty good. My aunt and uncle emailed saying there were flooded streets and wind damage and don't come. So we didn't go. We didn't want to take the pugs down there and ride for 5 stressful hours through a monsoon just to sit around inside while it rained outside. Luckily the owner of the house we'd rented is amazingly gracious and is letting us carry over our deposit to March. So we can celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary at the beach and not lose any money. Yay!
So what's a disappointed, soggy, rained out couple to do? We went and drowned our sorrows in lemonade, fried chicken, and bbq at Shealys. On our way back home we drove through some nasty storms and Jon had turned his music off. Well, I was blissfully unaware while I laid back in the seat with my eyes closed listening to Liz Phair on the iPod (my boss bought one last week and I talked him into letting me have it for the weekend). When I sat up I found out what a patient, dear man I'd married. He told me my singing was just horrific. I thought, now I know I'm bad but when I'm singing along with someone I can't be that bad! So he challenged me and we taped the next song so I could hear myself. People. It was so not good. If I can figure out the audio blogger thingy I may just let you listen to it. Consider it a public service. If you're ever feeling down you can play my little ditty and know that you're a lucky and wonderful person because you neither sound like me nor have to listen to me. And just in case you were wondering, I sing with gusto baby.

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