Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Product pimping

So some of you asked how did I like the pumpkin frappy thingy from Star*bucks. It was good- rich. So rich that the little sample we got was all I'd need. I can't imagine drinking a venti size. It was like pie in a cup.

I learn so much from reading blogs, esp about new products or things I should be using. Janet at Slice of Pink talked about using a concealer brush one day. I'd never thought to use a brush. The next time I was in Target I grabbed a $1.99 jobby and it is awesome! You use so much less product and it goes on more smoothly.

I must also take a minute to sing the praises of Dove deodorant. I know that's a weird thing to get excited over, but I have sensitive skin. I'd been a Secret girl for most of my life, but then I got a free sample of Dove in the mail and tried it. Before I started using it I had huge excema patches all over my underarms. It itched and hurt. After using Dove for a week it cleared up! I couldn't believe it!

Oh, and I pay attention to Carmindy on What Not to Wear when she's talking about makeup. I learned how to use eye shadow as eye liner- use an angled brush and put it right at your lash line. It works great and doesn't bleed all over my face. Pencil or liquid would sometimes smear. My favorite is my 99 cents Wet & Wild eyeshadow- makes a great liner!

I've also found that when you share your news about adopting, people get all excited and those in the service industry hook you up. I've gotten all kinds of free stuff and discounts just by mentioning it in conversation! I've read so much about people hearing negative feedback when they say they are adopting from China, but I've yet to encounter anything but gushing supportive and encouraging comments. And the next thing you know I hear "Oh, it's on me." or "I threw in a freebie and some samples for you." Of course now my list is really growing of all the people who want to meet LL & MM when they come home. But I'm sure the girls won't mind some mall time!

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