Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Bloomin' Thanks

I was visiting my sister Sara Sunday and she showed me the coolest thank you gift she had just received. Sara had taken some food and goodies to her neighbor who had just given birth to her 4th child, and the neighbor brought over the cutest thing. How this woman had time to whip up this craft gift AND watch 4 kids AND recover from giving birth AND, oh I don't know, breathe, is beyond me. What it is is a flower pot, hand painted of course, filled with flowers. But the flowers are actually pens. So cute! I was thinking this would make a great centerpiece for a bridal shower, then everyone can take a flower pen home as a favor. Maybe I'm behind in crafty news, but I'd never seen this and thought it was quite clever. Now, if only I had a shower of some sort to plan!

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