Sunday, October 02, 2005

Home Studied

Our Social Worker, Teresa, visited this morning and it went great. The house looks great and we got a lot of things crossed off our home project list like paint mailbox post, paint front door, transplant flowers for front porch, paint both up and downstairs hallways, the half bath etc. Teresa was so friendly and easy going. She has a great sense of humor. First thing she said when she came in was "You didn't have to crate the pugs!". I told her Ike could be a bit of a barker with new people and he did bark at her a little, but then she pet the pugs and they quieted down and went to sleep. We got into the den and she said to Jon "I see on your autobiography that you don't have much experience with children as an only child, but that you think raising your pugs has prepared you somewhat for raising children. So I'll just go ahead and mark down that you like to keep your children in cages." She also nailed him on one of the weaknesses he put for me- that I don't like yard work. Well, she says, what's wrong with that? Find me a Southern woman who likes to get dirty! She was really great and easy to talk to. Jon's very quiet with strangers and well, with everyone, but he even felt comfortable with her and opened up a good bit and was quite chatty. She told us she knows a couple like us, the man is quiet and the woman talks all the time (what?! I'm shocked! I know you are too!) and she asked the man why was he so quiet and he said because he can't get a word in edgewise. Heh, well, that's probably true! DaBrie turned on the charm and cuddled up with Teresa on the sofa. After going over our autobiographies and talking for a while she gave us some information and pamphlets then toured the house. And that was it! I took her picture for Ling Ling's life book and she told me I'll need to make 2 books. I said I know we're asking for 2 but we don't want to get our hopes up too much as we've heard twins are rare. But she said not very many people ask for twins so that ups our chances a great deal. We're so excited! Now that this is over and we know we're being approved for twins we feel like we're officially paper pregnant! Up til now it's just been paperwork and check writing, but now someone official has told us we can parent a couple of Chinese babies and we are thrilled!

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