Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Little rascal

Jon babysat Shannon's lab mix, Rascal, while we were in Atlanta last weekend. Rascal had been over to play with Ike and Kea a few times, but Jon had never met him. Shannon and I hit the road at 7am while Jon was still sleeping. I called him around noon to check in. He promptly asked me who let the horse in the house. He's so used to the pugs and kitties so the big lab threw him for a loop. Rascal is a sweetie though and got along great with the pugs all weekend. When I called back that evening Jon told me he was busy fashioning a saddle so the pugs could take a ride on Rascal. I swear, you can't leave a boy alone for a minute.
Oh, there seems to be some confusion from my last post. That's Shannon H. in the pic with the knight. I'm the photographer so I don't end up in many photos. For instance our honeymoon scrapbook showcases Jon standing next to lots of Vegas landmarks. It's like he went on vacation with his photographer. I did manage to snap a pic of myself while waiting in the checkout line at IKEA. Jon gets a kick out of this shot. He says it looks like IKEA got the best of me. My hair's all crazy and I'm wild eyed.

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