Saturday, October 15, 2005


So at the crack of dawn this morning, Shannon and I hit the road for Atlanta to go to IKEA. We got a little lost (damn Map Quest) but found it eventually. It did not disappoint. I had prepped Shannon before we left with "wear comfortable shoes, bring water, follow the arrows." And I brought walkie talkies if we got separated, which we did. All of Atlanta was shopping today. At one point I had called her to find her and after she made her way over to me this man stopped in his tracks and said "Oh no, you do not have walkie talkies." He couldn't believe it. I said have you seen how big this place is? If we got separated Shannon ran a big risk of finishing out her days in IKEA because odds of me finding her after a cripplingly long day of shopping were slim to none. We ended up using our walkie talkies a lot. Shannon loved IKEA (how could she not) and bought a coffee table and dresser along with a buggy full of goodies. I got some roman shades for the den to replace the mini blinds that I hate. Of course the shades are the wrong size. I did really well and stayed within my budget. It was easier cause I was shopping vicariously through Shannon. We used the travellator to get down to the parking deck after we checked out. It was a wee bit scary. The wheels of your buggy lock into place. Thank goodness cause otherwise Shannon would have been bowled over by 2 buggies full of fabulous housewares!

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Dot said...

I'm so jealous. IKEA wants to come into a town (Davie, FL) about 10 miles away and the neighbors fought it down. Poor me, I have to browse on the net.