Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Squid Wrestling

Ike had a vet appointment today for a heartworm check (free and clear) and a nail clipping (Thank you JESUS for the vet ladies). They said Ike is doing great with his weight (19.9 lbs) but he needs to maintain. I couldn't find his harness and had to take him using just a collar and leash. OMG, the entire experience, from the donning of said leash to the ride there to the controlling of the pug while at the office, is just so exhausting- like wrestling an angry squid. I lost an earring in the process, who knows where that is. I came home covered in hair, my hair all disheveled, scratches on my neck and face, the works. Then I get covered in kisses as soon as we get home, so of course it's all worth it! Looks like I'm getting great practice for being a mom!

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