Saturday, October 22, 2005

Daddy's girls

My husband is turning into a Daddy. When I came home from IKEA I showed him pictures of the crib and changing table/dresser I liked (dude, they are like less than half the price of the cribs I've seen around town. I know it's not heirloom quality furniture, but it is good stuff and we're on a major budget, esp if we need 2), and then we looked up the matching pieces on the IKEA site. Up until now any time he's talked about things we should buy the girls it is because we have to. He totally surprised me and melted my heart when he spotted the toy chest and said he wanted to get one for his girls, "cause every kid should have a good toy chest. We can put it between the cribs."
Yep, we've starting talking in terms of 2. It is so hard not to. We want two so badly and part of me feels we're jinxing ourselves, but the other part of me feels like that's what is meant to be so we might as well prepare. We rarely spoke of anyone but Ling Ling until our social worker said we needed to get ready for two cause there was a good chance we'd get two. I really hope she's right. Jon's so excited, he said "Ooh we could each have one."
I showed Jon the goodies I brought home for Ling Ling and Mei Mei from IKEA including the coveted and much hyped stacking cups. Everyone has told me to make sure to bring a set of these to China. So when I saw them on the IKEA site I knew I'd have to hunt them down in store. I got lucky and picked up 2 sets for the girls and 1 set for Joey. I let Jon unwrap a set so he could see how they worked. He played with them a minute and examined each one then announced that our kids have been ripped off. Why? "They can only drink out of one of these cups! The rest have holes in the bottom!" Bless his heart, he thought they were stacking drinking cups.

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