Wednesday, October 19, 2005

If I had a million dollars...

So today is the drawing for the big $340 million lotto. I'll cave and buy a ticket. I don't usually play as I like the instant gratification of scratch offs. Last night as we were going to sleep Jon and I dispersed our $164 mil lump sum payment in our heads (and dreams). The plan isn't in stone, but we've got a rough draft.
-Of course we'd adopt at least 4 kids.
-We'd fly first class to China and back to bring them home.
-A major donation to the orphanages our kids came from.
-Trust funds and college funds for all the kids in our family including our nephews and my little sister Morgan.
-We'd pay off everyone's homes and cars (on the loved ones list)
-We'd set up retirement funds for our parents, siblings, etc. (the list)
-We'd buy new cars: I want the Toyota Highlander Hybrid, Jon wants a BMW. My car would go to Morgan, and Jon's car would go to someone else who needs a good car to be determined later.
-Major donations to charities and church of course.
-10 day cruise for lol (loved ones list).
-For me: laser eye surgery, laser hair removal (I'll never shave again!), twice a month spa visits for mani pedis and massages and facials.
-For Jon: backstage passes/tour/ whatever to the Minnesota Twins, a spin on that Richard Petty Experience.
-We'd build a house on 15 acres with a 5 acre pond. I want a paddleboat and a big floating dock. Our parents, siblings, and Lisa would have homes built within golf cart driving distance. Jon wants a big home gym with connecting nap room and pub. I want my own roller rink and bike path. Also a whole area devoted to lawn games: badminton, croquet, bocce.
-I'd go down to the Gulf Coast and do whatever I could to help those people get back into homes and the swing of things.
-Dude, you know we'd shut down IKEA for a day and just shop our butts off.
-We'd buy a home in the mountains and on an island somewhere.
-Of course we'd do a good amount of investing. And we'd venture into business. Jon wants his own Star*bucks and car wash. I'd love to open a funky little store full of cute things.
-I think it would be way cool to randomly leave envelopes with $100 in them for people and see their faces when they find it.
-And I would definitely organize and host a fabulous bloggy convention someplace wonderful so I could meet up with all you fantastic bloggy friends! Would you come?

And what will you do if you win?

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