Thursday, October 06, 2005


Once upon a time we were two people with two incomes and normal expenses. We didn't know we'd have a ginormous adoption bill to pay, or hospital bills from multiple surgeries. We didn't know we'd have fertility drugs to buy or specialists to see. So if we wanted something, we'd usually figure out a way to get it. For our 2nd wedding anniv. Jon gave me a beautiful Coach bag. It was blue and so cool and I loved it. I carried it in the spring and summer and noticed the blue started wearing off in strange places where it shouldn't. I put it away for winter and forgot about the wearing. Recently I stopped by the Coach store and told the people about the bag and they told me to bring it in. So I did and the other day I got a letter in the mail from Coach saying I could use that letter as a credit in the store for over $200! For a 3 year old bag! Now that's what I call service. And here I thought my days of Coach shopping were over! Twist my arm to find something to spend $200 on!
Last winter we made reservations at this way cool cottage at the beach where we were going to celebrate our 4th anniversary. Then I got sick with girlie mess and ended up back under doctor's care and we had to cancel the trip. But I'd already sent in a deposit. I called the owner of the rental and explained and she let us change the date to today. So today we're going to try and make our way down to the coast while tropical storm Tammy lashes the beaches with wind and rain. And we're taking the pugs. We are suckers for punishment! But it doesn't make sense to lose that money and we're being comped on our meals (gifts from family) so it really won't cost us anything. Plus we have family there so it will be good to see them. We could really use the break after the homestudy and all the adoption paperwork we've been dealing with. I just feel weird going on a mini holiday when I feel like I should be home fund raising or something. But who doesn't want to go to the beach for the weekend in the middle of a tropical storm? Watch out Tammy, here we come!

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