Sunday, October 23, 2005


We spent the afternoon at my sister Sara's house visiting with her and my BIL and my nephews. Marc made beer can chicken. I'd never had it before. It was quite tasty. All the little chickens lined up looked just like those chickens on that Pepsi commercial where they sumo wrestle.
In Nephew News: Joey is standing! He's so excited when he pulls himself up. I'm thinking he's just going to skip crawling properly and jump straight into running full speed. Jake is talking more and more now. He knows his colors and is really getting into the mimic thing. He can't quite say Shannon or even Shanny yet. He can say Aunt Sh Ann Nee. But to put it all together he calls me ShanZee. Emphasis on the Zee. So cute.

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Kendra said...

Mark and I make chicken like that all the time... We call it a "drunk chicken", though.

Those are some cute kids!!!