Thursday, October 27, 2005

I heart Barbie

I know, I know. I should hate her. I do hate that one Barbie who said "Math is hard". But I grew up with Barbie, and I loved her. I'm just not going to get into a political thing about her. She is a doll, a toy, a plaything made of plastic. My daughters' self esteem will not be based on Barbie. If we get to stay at the White Swan, and we get the Barbie, then I'm bringing her home. I'll let my girls grow up and decide what to do with her. If Coming Home Barbie meets the same fate as 98% of my Barbies she'll be headless or naked in a box somewhere anyway, so she'll be in no shape to mold my children's futures.
That being said, have you seen the Chinese New Year Barbie? She's so pretty! And she's a BOGO right now at Amazon (buy one get one). Jon would kill me if I shelled out $20 for a doll Ling Ling can't even play with until she's like 5. I'll tell him I put her in my wish list and then I'll break him down. Since she's BOGO we'll get 2 for the price of 2 frappuccini drinks!

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