Tuesday, October 25, 2005

All decked out

I've got just about all of my Halloween decorations out. Weekend trips and the homestudy threw me off this year. Usually the whole house is decorated by October 2. You can see my poor kitties trying to blend in with the Halloween decor in the first picture. Shannon and her large dog Rascal were over and the sheer size of Rascal (a lab mix, but hey, these cats are used to pugs) sends the kitties up on the tv armoire. I'm pleased with the way the mantle looks this year: Jon always says if we're ever to sell our house we should do it in the fall cause that's when it looks the best. I'd have to agree. The colors of the furniture go nicely with the fall colored decorations and it feels pretty homey.
In other Halloween decoration news, my mom puts out this creepy little guy every year. And every year he gives me the heebie jeebies. And every year one of the trick or treating kids will tell this "kid" they like his costume!

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