Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Lifelong dream

One of my lifelong dreams, a goal I must meet before I die, is to be on the Family Feud & The Price is Right. I love those shows. I have the old version of Family Feud at home, but it is from the 60's so the answers and questions are really dated. Like name a music star you'd better come up with Dean Martin or you're out. But now I see they have come out with a new Family Feud on dvd! I'm so excited! I will hint around wildly to my family and maybe it will be mine!
In other birthday news, I got the sweetest card from Bethanie (thank you!!!) and a package from Jon's Gramy in Minnesota. I just love her. She sent a couple of kids books for Ling Ling and Mei Mei and is just so excited about this adoption. She's especially excited that she'll finally have great-grandchildren with black hair like she had! And it took a blonde to get it!

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