Monday, August 08, 2005


When I travel around to different towns and places I wonder about the people who live there. So many people that I've never met and will probably never meet. All these people with their own dramas and lives. Makes you realize what a little speck on the earth we really are. I wonder if I should try living somewhere else. Like is life better in New York? Or Podunk, Iowa? I love love love living here, and can't imagine living far away from my family, and I think that's what keeps people living where they live. If it weren't for jobs and bills and mortgages and now homestudies, I think I would love to spend a year living in say Spain or Sweden or on a group of tiny islands no one has heard of. But we're about to bring children into our home and we know we are living in a great place to raise kids.
So I wonder, why do you live where you live? And would you live somewhere else if you could? Where?

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Janet said...

I'd move in a heartbeat. I love new places, new houses, new cities.

If I had children, however, I would certainly try to stay put. I think I would want my children to have stability. But who can say?