Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Biz E

This working for tha man thing is really eating into my blog reading time. I'm so behind. Plus I'm not taking as many photos, the shows on the dvr are backing up, there are dishes in the sink. Waa waa boohoo. At least I'm working, and I know any money I make will go toward bringing my babies home. So much to tell you though.
-Our ghetto tivo (the dvr we get free through our cable company since we bundle services) has totally changed our lives. Now when we go to watch tv we click the button with our taped shows instead of looking at the guide to see what's on. I can't stand watching live tv now.
-Have I mentioned that I'm loving my make my own schedule, get to wear crop pants, free Dr. Pepper, kick ass job?
-My fabulous friend Shannon gave Ling Ling her first doll- a cherry scented Barbie sized doll that is Asian and is just beautiful. And Aunt Lisie sent a selection of adorable clothing last week. LL is gonna be all tricked out! Pictures to come soon.
-I went to lunch today with 3 of the ladies from the office and one of them used to be a flight attendant. She would sign up for the adoption runs every year and volunteer to escort babies home from Korea. She would meet the 1st escort in Detroit and fly with the babies on the last leg of the trip. What a cool thing to do. We cried at lunch while she told us how rewarding it was to see the joy on the families' faces when she went through the gate with the baby. And one day a man came up to her and said "You brought my baby home to me and he's here and wants to meet you." And the little boy (age 8) stepped forward, hugged her and said "Thank you for bringing me to my family." OMG I'm tearing up again. How cool is that? What an amazing part she got to play in the lives of these families.
-In other adoption news we have our home study this month. Still firming up the dates. So nervous. Must hire team of miracle workers to prepare my home. Filling out forms is one thing, but this takes us to a whole new level.

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