Friday, August 05, 2005

Family Feud

We spent the late afternoon and evening at my Mom's today. Hanging out by the pool, playing with the boys, grilling out, playing Family Feud. So fun. I love a busy hustly bustly house. My nephew Joey is now 6 months old and is just the cutest thing. He's so ready to be able to run and talk and play. My other nephew Jake is 2 yrs and 4 mos old and is so smart and so sweet and has the best time playing in the pool. Jon and Marc just love hanging out together grilling and having a beer. We split up girls against the boys to play Family Feud.
-Boys cheat.
-For the question "Name a food you don't have to chew to eat" Hale yells out "Porridge!". Ok Tiny Tim!
-Boys yell stupid answers at girls while girls are trying to come up with the top 5 answers. Yelling "swimming pool cleaner" when we're trying to come up with "occupations where you need to be good at math" does not help!
We had a great time although it still isn't clear who one! Some pictures here.

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