Thursday, August 11, 2005

But I'm a delicate flower!

Ok so it has been rumored that I, ahem, snore. Not just snore, but drool, talk, and make a variety of quite unlady like noises while I sleep. Jon snores like a bear so this isn't a problem at home, but it hit me that around this time next year we'll be sharing a hotel room with someone new. A tiny, scared, little someone who is handed over to 2 big white people and forced to sleep in a crib in a hotel while they rattle the windows with their snoring! What are we gonna do? Ling Ling will be scared out of her wits! And those poor poor people on the plane! I can't make it out of city limits on a trip without falling asleep so you know I'll be snoozing on a 14 hour flight! Perhaps I should send out warnings, like a public service announcement!

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