Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Model home

This afternoon my mom, Morgan & I went to check out this new swanky neighborhood that's going up down the road from my mom's house. We're talking homes starting at $500k. So you know the models are all tricked out by professional designers. I love getting decorating ideas at these homes. I'm especially looking for ideas for the nursery, or little girl room ideas. I don't want a themed room as I want the room to grow with Ling Ling. But I wouldn't mind a quasi themed room. No wallpaper borders, but maybe a good bit of the accessories would be a theme. I don't know, I'm at a loss. I did like this little bistro corner of one of the girl rooms in the model though. Any ideas/help with decorating a baby girl's nursery would be appreciated!

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Figlet said...

Did you know that in some model homes they actually use scaled down furniture to make the rooms seem larger? Very sneaky....!

Hmmmm. I say go with a wall color you love and build around it. We actually kept the pale green that we had chosen when LSP's room was the guest room. I love white furniture in little girl's rooms. We didn't spend much on decorating - mainly paint and carpet. (And J's labor...). Pale walls, white trim. And he repainted a crappy old dresser and I bought pretty knobs for it. I didn't do a theme either. And no borders. I'm a huge fan of simplicity. If you love the bistro table and chairs, why not look for a tiny chair and table set (honestly I'm not sure how practical bistro chairs are for little ones). I prefer to keep with a color scheme than a pattern/theme. If that makes sense...! And, have fun. Because she's probably going to hate it when she's 10 or so. I'm preparing for that day...