Thursday, August 25, 2005


I take my camera everywhere with me. And it's a good thing too because you never know what you're gonna see. Firstly, I forgot to include this cute little candle in the picture of birthday goodness that Ani sent me. And then last night we got invaded. See, we have this ghetto doggy door. The cat, DaBrie, got out one night and wouldn't come back. So we went to bed. Well she came back and clawed her way through the screen door and spent the night between the 2 doors. Well we haven't been able to replace the screen yet, so I just cut it into a nicer looking rectangle and the pugs jump through it. Apparently this huge flying monster from a Biblical plague saw my ghetto doggy door as an open invitation and came on in last night. It ran into my leg, screaming ensued, none of the pets helped. I got over my fright long enough to snap some pics, then Jon bundled him up in a towel and took him back outside. You should have heard all the clicking noises that thing was making. I do believe he was the Beezelbub of the insect world.

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