Sunday, August 21, 2005

Swarm! Swarm!

My sister brought the boys down to visit with their grandma and Papa Hale. Somehow she ended up locking them in the car. Luckily the car was still running, so they had air conditioning- thank God in this 95 degree plus heat!. She called the cops and what happened next I'm sure will make all the local papers. We live in a small town. So small the part of town I live in is called a township. We're like 2 neighborhoods larger than a village people. So our fire department is volunteer and they LIVE for action man. My sister relayed the whole story to me later about how the two trucks come flying into the cul de sac, the firemen jumped out of their trucks and talked into their walkie talkies on their shoulders (We're in! We're in!) and swarmed the car and popped the lock and pulled the boys out (who had no idea they were even in a situation) then the firemen looked around like- Oh, that's it? Sara said they acted like they just pulled the boys out of a well or something. So funny. I mean, I'm so glad my nephews are fine, but I so wish I could have seen that small town action!

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