Friday, August 12, 2005

So tell me...

I've been on 3 interviews this week alone. They've made me think of all the interviews I used to give. I was a human resource manager for a grocery store chain for 4 years. I hired at the store level and would also go and open stores- do mass hires where I'd interview 30-40 people a day. I've seen all kinds baby.
Some of my most memorable interview tidbits:
Young dude, probably 20 years old: So what exactly do you mean by 'occasionally' when you say "Do you occasionally smoke marijuana?" Ok, well thanks for your time.
Woman, mid 30's, after I ask her if she has any questions for me about the interview process so far: Yeah, so I just wanna start out by letting you know I'm a lesbian. Just wanna get that out on the table. Alright. Well, good for you. Not sure what that has to do with how well you can slice meat in the deli, but thanks for sharing.
Teenager, clearly uncomfortable in his first job interview ever. I've just asked why does he want to work there.: I don't. My mom made me come. . What a go getter!
Man, late 30's early 40's smelling of last night's drinking binge: I got fired from my last job for drinking, but that's all under control now. Don't touch the stuff. As I'm sitting there getting drunk off his fumes!
Cutie cutie college student boy, 20, clearly confident in his looks: You have great hair. I hired him. Duh. I paid him top of scale. We went out off and on for a year. Made out in my office a good bit. Ah, memories.
Amazing what people will tell you, like they don't realize you're the one who's going to make or break their job chances!

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nctrnl said...

I can't believe you made out with the guy...damnit...I wish I was good looking...