Thursday, August 04, 2005

32 Fabulous things about my birthday and today

1. Got a haircut yesterday morning and that means having someone wash your hair. mmmm
2. Then picked up a green tea frapp @ Star$- yum. Found out they use melon syrup in those things. That's what the mystery taste is!
3. Continued the pampering mode and treated myself to a pedicure. I haven't had one since January and I'm sure the dude was thinking he should raise the prices with feet like mine! He did tell me I wasn't allowed to ever get a French mani or pedi because my nails are so small that they'd be all white.
4. Confirmed all 3 of the people who will be doing our reference letters for the adoption. Yay! They were all so sweet about it and even said they'd be honored.
5. Book I'd been waiting on for weeks finally came in for me at the library. Can't wait to start reading it.
6. Went to inlaws' for dinner. MIL & FIL went all out and made a fabulous dinner of scalloped potatoes, broccoli, baked brie, and ham.
7. MIL made famous cheesecake for dessert. This is the best cheesecake I've ever had, hands down. She made it last year for my birthday then lost the recipe. Tore the house apart last month looking for it. Found it. Yay! I'm not a regular cake lover. I'd rather have pie or cheesecake or ice cream. This cheesecake though- yum.
8. Laughed so hard at dinner I almost hurt myself.
9. Marsha & Larry were there (good friends of inlaw's- like our cool aunt and uncle or something). They are so awesome.
10. M&L surprised us by offering to buy one of our round trip tickets to China so we'd only have to pay for one. That way we will be able to afford business class. !!! This is huge people!
11. Received multiple birthday checks, all going straight into ING account- Ling Ling fund.
12. Received fabulous gifts from MIL & FIL including gorgeous flip flops that have a certain Asian flare.
13. Accepted invitation to murder mystery dinner theatre party at M&L's in October. We get to play parts and dress up. SO fun! I've never been to one of these!
14. Got home way too late and decided that was the time to do something with those unruly eyebrows. Shaved left one right off at the middle part when slipped with Jon's beard trimmer. I am now the fresh prince of SC.
15. Read many wonderful birthday wishes and ecards from my fabulous bloggy people! You guys rock! Thank you so much!
16. Slept in this morning and woke up to lots of pug love.
17. Went to a delicious lunch today with husband at a wonderful locally owned, very Southern place. Had terrific shrimp and grits.
18. Took our very full bellies to a matinee of Bad News Bears. Laughed so hard.
19. Received very sweet cards in mail. Displayed on mantle.
20. Got call back from prospective employer of job I really want (not the one I already took), to schedule face to face interview for next week.
21. After hair stylist poofed my hair up to look like a pineapple yesterday it really calmed down and looked quite nice today.
22. Stopped in Michaels after movie and found exactly what I needed (white seed beads) in less than 5 minutes.
23. Found bonus clasps for jewelry making on clearance.
24. Shopped in Target for essentials after Michaels. No exciting purchases, but just love Target.
25. Made earrings I'm wearing today in less than 5 minutes before going out. Tres cute.
26. Found out I wasn't receiving Family Feud for birthday from family. Looked for it at Target. Sold out.
27. Stopped in Wal-Mart just to check if they had it. Jon said if it was there he'd get it for me for my present (I got the bike last week). Sure enough they had 1 copy. It was meant to be. And it was cheaper than
28. Threw up in sink when we got home from shopping. Not so fabulous, but hey, made it to sink.
29. Spent entire day with wonderful husband- we have the best time together.
30. Then he hushed me as I squealed with delight in Wal-mart over finding Fam. Feud while talking on phone with Shannon who was calling to see did I want to go to Wal-mart with her. Spoooky psychic connection.
31. Played round of new FF game when we got home. Jon beat me, bad, but didn't brag.
32. Even though we had IKEA plans for this weekend and they were screwed up by a scheduling snafu, we were able to reschedule to go with Jon's parents on the 20th. Woohoo!

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