Saturday, July 23, 2005

When you're adopting you get to drink fun cocktails

Tonight I had the pleasure of having dinner with 5 other adoptive moms to be. We're all adopting from China and are at various stages of the process. We had dinner at Logan's and they were nice enough to let us chat and laugh for way longer than your normal dinner. I asked for something fun and fruity to drink, and they brought me this humongo jar of fabulous fruity flavor! Many more were ordered around the table. It was so great to meet Melissa, Susan and Danesha (a blog virgin), and to spend more time with Shannon and Karen.

Here's where I get a little sappy. When we first found out we couldn't get pregnant we were devastated. Then we went through a grieving process, then discovered adoption. Since then, things have been so wonderful. Everyone is so supportive and wonderful and I looked around that table tonight and about cried. Here were 6 women who are just genuinely happy for each other. Terrifically supportive of one another. There's no competition. We're all in the same boat financially, no one's buying $800 strollers. Plus, we've all been through some really tough stuff getting to where we are today, and we all know that. There's no cattiness, no gossip. Just 6 women who truly appreciate each other and the journey we are all on together.

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