Wednesday, July 06, 2005

I am SO out of date

So I've been reading a lot of Real Simple magazine lately. My MIL the librarian brought over 3 back issues and I had purchased the June issue. That magazine is chock full of information. However it has made me realize that I either live in a world where time seriously flies, or I'm just not paying attention to rotating out my product.
Case in point: apparently I'm supposed to be replacing my scrubby from the shower- you know, the little puffy, poofy, loopy thing everyone uses that has a little rope- anyway, we're supposed to be replacing that every 6 weeks! 6 weeks! I swear to you I've been using the same one since we moved in here almost 2 years ago! I usually just use them until they start to fall apart. I mean, I know they are only like $2 but it just doesn't occur to me to switch it out.
And don't get me started on the makeup drawer or fridge! I have soy sauce that's lived in 3 different houses. According to Real Simple it should have lived in the trash can after 3 months! And I've heard about replacing your mascara every 3 months, but 3 months can fly, and it just doesn't make sense to me to toss a tube of mascara if there's still more in there!
I can't be alone in this or otherwise Real Simple wouldn't have put out this article.

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Michelle said...

6 weeks on the poofy thing?? No way!