Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Wash, Set, Baby

So I'm sitting in the salon the other day while Morgan is having her first facial. That child is so spoiled. I waited until I was an adult before getting a facial like normal people. Anyway, I've been going to this same salon for a good while now to get my hair cut, and this is a small Southern town so I know everyone there. I walked in with Morgan and said hi to all the ladies then we were in the facial room for 2 hours. The esthetician facial lady- God love her- can talk like no one I know. This facial was supposed to be 30 minutes, but R talks with her hands.
We're in there 10 minutes when Mindy, another salon employee bursts in.
M-Shannon, you still want a baby?
S-(amused and a little frightened) Yeah, why, someone forget one in your room?
M-What? No. Ok, I'll be right back.
5 minutes pass and Mindy comes back.
M-Ok so I just helped this girl and I thought she looked a little different than normal. Then I heard her talking to Jane and sure enough she's 4 months pregnant. She's in school at (local university, but I'm trying to protect said girl's identity here) and she's real smart you know. So I said how does your boyfriend feel about it? And she said her boyfriend is real smart too and they don't want it and they want to give it up for adoption. So I said to myself "Mindy- this is a sign. Here I got one girl in one room who wants a baby and one girl who doesn't." So I ran back in here to get you.
S-Get me? For what?
M-You need to talk to this girl. I told her if she met you she'd like you so much she'd just give up her baby in a heartbeat.
OMGOMGOMG. The world has gone insane around me.
S-Mindy, that is really sweet of you to think of me, but I can't just go up to pregnant people and make a bid for their babies.
M-Oh hold on.
She leaves the room again and I am floored. Gobsmacked. In shock. Mindy comes back in.
M-Dammit she left. (probably ran screaming from the salon!) She told Jane though that she wants to give her baby to a family from up North because she's from up North. I'm sorry Shannon, I tried.
S-Really, it is ok. We're very happy with our plans to adopt from China.
M-Well I just figured, why go all the way to China to get a baby when all you gotta do is go to the salon? Oh, and I gave her your name and number just in case.

OMG. My name and number has been given to some poor girl who is in the process of making what is I'm sure to be the hardest decision of her life and here she probably thinks I was sitting in the next room with my checkbook at the ready. You know, at first Jon and I lamented on all the hoops and paperwork we have to deal with to adopt. Now I know why. It's to protect people from well intentioned, yet over eager salon staff.

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NCTRNL said...

Good lord, who hears about an unplanned pregnancy and automatically starts thinking about people they know who want to adopt. That's disturbing...