Saturday, July 09, 2005

Buy the yard

My MIL gave me this cute little gerbera daisy on Independence Day. I need to transplant it, but I feel so sorry for it because I know that by living in my care it has been dealt a death sentence. There are teeny little buds in there though, so there's hope. This morning I got up at the crack o dawn to go yard sale-ing with Shannon. I'd never gotten up and gone out for the sole purpose of yard sale-ing, but apparently it is a major past time. It was fun looking at other people's stuff, and their houses. This one lady kept showing up at all of our yard sales, sometimes ahead of us by so much it was if she were teleported there. She must have a gps system in her car. Shannon and I did decide to have our own yard sale sometime this fall. We paid attention and learned what to do, and what not to do. Lesson one: when selling children's chairs to 2 young ladies, try not to let the cigarrette dangling in your mouth become so ashy that your ashes blow in the wind and said young ladies have to wipe your nasty cancer ashes off them as they get back in their car. I didn't find any treasures, but Shannon came away with some great finds. Including 4 colorful kid's chairs from the Ash Man. I'm excited about holding our own yard sale now. Like they say, one man's trash.... or in my case, unused, HUGE George Foreman grill, computer desk, bowling ball.....

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