Friday, July 29, 2005

Almost Famous

Have any of you seen the new R. Ke!ly video about being stuck in a closet and it's part one of five? I saw the whole thing, all 5 parts last night and they were talking about it all like it was some amazing revolutionary song and video. Ok, this dude wrote a bad story about adultery, then sang it, then made a video that acted out each word literally. Like he's in the closet after spending the night with some girl and now he's hiding from her husband and his cell goes off and he sings "I tried so hard to put it on vi-i-i-brate". OMG. Dude, I can totally write a story and sing it. And like the music my boy listens to- all screaming, all the time. I can totally scream. Or those thin vocals on all the teen queen cds now- hey, I can whisper too!
And just the other day my friend Karen (who just got her referral! woohoo!) told me about a girl who blogs about not being able to get pregnant and some tv producer read her blog and now she's getting a sitcom! That's my money she's making! I mean, my family is nuts- I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried!
Ah well, living in California would freak me out- with all the mudslides and stuff. Maybe it's better to be unknown and poor in the South!

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NCTRNL said...

Being a good person gets you nowhere in this world. You must be a train wreck...