Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Adopting Pros

Ok, no one told me about the incredible volume of paperwork that would land on my house as soon as we applied to adopt. I mean, I knew it was a paperchase, but I just feel so sorry for the entire forest that has died so far for our family! I've also learned that I should install a Kinko's in the living room to deal with the number of copies I have to make. Ah well, it is a small price to pay.

I've already discovered so many pros about adopting:
-You can still enjoy a nice cocktail all the way up to Gotcha day. Pregnant ladies can't touch the stuff! (disclaimer: I'm by no means a big drinker- maybe 2 a month)
-No hormone induced puking.
-No strange desires to eat laundry detergent or dirt.
-No screaming for an epidural.
-You get a chance to visit a country you may never visit otherwise.
-No need to drop a bundle of money on clothes you'll only wear for 9 months.
-I'd much rather have my life on display paper wise vs. having my girlie bits on display in the delivery room!
-I'd rather eat pinecones than go to the girlie doctor, and when you're pregnant you have to go like every half hour.
-Strangers don't approach me wanting to rub my belly.

I've totally come to terms with not being able to get pregnant. I'm so fine with it because I realized a while back that what I really wanted was not to be pregnant (a condition that lasts but a few months), but to be a mother and to have a family (something that lasts forever). Hmmm...did I miss any pros on my list?


NCTRNL said...

Yeah, there are so many pros that I don't think you could come up with all of them. I know they say that pregnant women glow...but seriously they all look like they're in hell. Especially when it's hot outside...

Anonymous said...

I suppose their are pros and cons to everything. I don't think I looked like hell when I was pregnant. My shower pictures were some of the best I have ever taken. I had three kids but was made to feel inadequate because I had c-sections with each of them. Someone at work actually said that if I had been a "real woman" I could have had them naturally! What a jerk. The two biggest pros to being pregnant is that you are pampered for 9 monmths. People don't want you to lift a finger for anything. The other pro was feeling the baby kick for the first time. WHAT A RUSH! The cons for me were people wanting to touch my stomach and all of the doctor's appointments. Shannon is right.....GIRLY parts are displayed for all to see. A friend of mine had a doctor ask during delivery if a group of students could watch!!!! I think that their are two types of mothers
1. birth mothers---they are the vehicle to get the baby here
2. REAL mothers---they are the ones who CARE for and love a child.
You certainly don't have to give birth to be a mother. I think that a mother can be both birth mother and real mother or a person can have one of each. Having a kid doesn't make you a mom any more than having some tools makes you a mechanic. It is a title that must be earned.