Sunday, July 10, 2005

Status Check

Quick little update on where we are in the adoption process.
I've downloaded the applications for our passports. We've paid off our cars, thus freeing up 2 car payments worth of mulah each month that will go into the adoption account. We opened a safe deposit box at our bank to store important papers until needed for the dossier (I'm paranoid about fire). And the biggie:
We've learned over the past few weeks that certain items that will be in our dossier have expiration dates. This means that we're waiting yet another month or so before applying with our agency so we can save some more money. We don't want to get started then have to put the process on hold while coming up with money and run the risk of something expiring (like the fingerprinting and such) and having to start all over.
But, another good thing we've decided on...we're putting in for twins! Woohoo! I'm so excited. I've always wanted little twins. This by no means guarantees us twins, and the twin rate is low in China, but it happens. And if we can go ahead and adopt 2 at once then we will be thrilled!

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