Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Grosser than gross

Karen over at The Naked Ovary wrote a post the other day about her parents' dog eating her tampon in the living room, leaving a big blood stain. She invited her readers to leave their grosser than gross stories in her comments. I read those comments and laughed so hard while being horrified for those people all at the same time. Her post made me think of my grosser than gross stories.

The grossest thing that's ever happened to me:
When I was a teenager I worked summers at my uncle's skating rink. A bunch of us worked there and we all kept our drink cups with our names on them behind the concession stand counter. We'd skate up and grab our cups for a quick drink, then it was back out to the skate floor. I rolled up once and grabbed my cup and took a big swig. Then everything happened in slow motion. First I saw that the cup didn't say Shannon. It said Shaun. Then I realized that Shaun used his cup TO SPIT HIS TOBACCO JUICE INTO. I had taken a huge gulp of backwashed spit and chaw. That was the one time in my life I've experienced instant projectile vomiting. Justified I think.

Ok, your turn, gross me out! Tell me your grossest stories! Don't hold back my people!

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